Adult Sunday School

That the World May Know

Sundays • 9am • Worship Center

Ian Gerrish • All Adults Welcome

Pack your bags. We're going on a journey. A quest to uncover Scripture and its meaning across history. Filmed on location in Israel and throughout the Middle East, the Faith Lessons DVD series is an adventure in biblical learning. You will discover why Jesus turned the world upside down with His compelling call to follow Him.

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Adult Women's Class


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Adult Women's Class • Colossians

Sundays • 9am • The Upper Room

Tricia McMillan • All Women Welcome

The young Colossian church faced dangerous erroneous teaching. To refute the heresies encroaching upon the church, Paul wrote a masterful epistle to the Colossians on the complete sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation and life, while encouraging these believers to walk in a manner worthy of their Lord. Please join us in the study of this marvelous letter, steeping in the unfaltering security you have through our Lord Jesus alone. May you be richly encouraged in your walk with Him.