This Spring, our clubs will meet on alternating weeks: T&T one week (Group A) and Cubbies & Sparkies the next (Group B). Our Trek (7th-8th graders) and Journey (High School) clubs will meet every week. This method will facilitate social distancing between age groups and improve sanitation and health.

Regarding Masks: Our state government is currently requiring masks in public places for kids ages 5 and up. We are leaving it up to you, the parents, with what to do regarding your kid(s) and this requirement. No kids will be turned away from attending. AWANA volunteers will be wearing masks.

May 12th • Awards Night

6:30-7:15pm • Cubbies and Sparks

7:35-8:15pm • T&T, Trek, and Journey


6th - Group B
13th - Group A
20th - Group B - Pajama Night
27th - Group A - Pajama Night


3rd - Group B
10th - Group A
17th - Group B - Red Night
24th - Group A - Red Night


3rd - Group B
10th - Group A
17th - Group B - Crazy Hat Night
24th - Group A - Crazy Hat Night
31st - Group B


7th - Spring Break
14th - Group A
21st - Group B
28th - Group A - Western Night


5th - Group B - Western Night
12th - Awards Night
          6:30-7:15pm - Cubbies and Sparks
          7:35-8:15pm - T&T, Trek, and Journey